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Baggio wrote at 2013-11-07 16:03:59
Hey there,

I would second your mom's response - flight is usually the best way out.

But it might help to clarify a few details:

1. When you say he's not friendly to other dogs - do you mean ALL other dogs? Or maybe just to males, or to specific breeds or types (e.g. smaller or larger) dogs? (If it's selective, it might be the same with people as well - there might just be certain "people" he doesn't get along with - similar to how there are some people humans don't get along with. )

2. Is this the first time your dog saw your mom? If not, did you ever appear with your mom in the presence of your dog? (This might contribute to the extra hostility towards her. If he's used to interacting with your mum, this would never have happened. )

3. How did your mom call him off? Was it a physical movement, or a verbal command like "off"? (If she tried to physically budge him, then this might follow as a natural response - after all, your mum isn't his "master" - who is she to think she can call me off? That's probably the reasoning behind his behavior.)

4. When baring his teeth at her, was this followed by a low growl? (If this is, he's most probably annoyed that she has disturbed his "status quo", per se. If this happens, your mom did the right thing by going away )

5. Do he make it a habit to sleep on your bed? If not, do you permit it when he does come on occasionally? (If you allow him to sleep on your bed, he'll think that this is his territory, and there's probably no reason for him to leave. He might actually allow your mum to sleep WITH him, but not push him off of his own territory. )

My interpretation of this is simply a case of your him not being too used to being around your mum, but also the fact that he's being interrupted from his rest.

If you're still concerned, I recommend an excellent dog behaviour guide here: where it details a lot of dog behaviours, what cause them, and what you can do about it. You can head on over to check it out if you're interested.

However, based on what I observed, I don't think that this is a cause for concern, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Hope this helps some!

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