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I have 3 Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mixes and the oldest one Remy, 12 is not fixed and is the father of the other 2 who are 11 years old. Five days ago Remy became obsessed with his son Koda, who is fixed, and constantly licks Koda's genitalia. If he can't get to him he barks non-stop. We tried to distract him from this and correct him with a firm NO! I've never had a problem with correction in the past with these boys, but Remy ignores this and within minutes he's back at him barking and licking. This has happened for 5 days now. On day 3 he began mounting Koda, we actually found stool on Remy's genitalia. We've even caught Remy trying to mount Koda while Koda's is doing his business. Neither Koda or ourselves have slept much over the last 5 days because of the non-stop harassment from Remy. We've tried separating them, but then Remy barks non-stop and the neighbors get a little upset since they have twin newborns (he has a very load bark for a small dog). Is it a hormone thing or something else. These 3 have been together all their life and nothing like this has ever happened before.  Also Remy has started to dominate Koda, placing his head and neck over Koda's, he also follows him everywhere, to the water bowl to the food bowl outside to go potty. Koda gets no rest from him. Help please!

This quite serious and sudden change in behavior might very well be the result of physiological problems or sudden loss of cognition.

All dogs need to see the veterinarian immediately.  They should be seen separately.  It is quite possible that Koda has a "problem" Remy literally "scents"; it is also possible that Remy has reached a point in cognitive dysfunction where he is behaving differently as a result; medication is available for this.  Remy's attempt to "dominate" Koda might be a frantic effort to "control" what he "senses" or a response to a change in his own biology.

You need a veterinary internist, not a general practitioner.  Lacking that, second choice Veterinary Behaviorist: I say second choice because it appears to me there is something biological occurring here.  Call your veterinary generalist; do not take "no" for an answer.  Before calling him, call the veterinary college in your geographical area and get names of veterinary internists.  These professionals do not accept clients without generalist veterinary referral.  If you find one, tell your generalist veterinarian that you need a referral and all veterinary records faxed over in time for your appointment.

There are both hormonal remedies and psychotropic/cognitive medications available but a full analysis of this situation must be done.  It will be far from inexpensive.  Remy is reacting to SOMETHING and we need to know WHAT IT IS, insofar as this information is available to us (since dogs can't speak).

Consult the specialist.  Report back using followup feature.

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