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I have a 2 year old MinPin who I adopted about 9 months ago. She came to me very skittish and afraid. She quickly came around and I was able to train this previously untrained pup. My MinPin is very smart and a quick learner. She has great manners inside the house and around the yard. The issue is when we leave the property and try to go for a walk. Immediately she becomes overly excited, whines, shakes, pulls to the end of her leash. She knows that the dogs at the end of the street are going to run at her from behind the fence and bark. We have been running by the avoid annoying the whole neighborhood with her high pitched barks. She will calm down as soon as we pass and the barking stops. Her barking stops just until we come across something else. She will bark at birds, bikes, people and especially other dogs. My MinPin will not only bark but have a full on episode. High pitched screeching growling and lounging. This is not only embarrassing but frustrating. We are currently in a behavior class because I thought teaching her more skills would give her confidence. Her episodes outside are greatly harming her during class time with all the dogs and people around.I don't even know where to begin with how to correct this behavior. I have tried avoiding the situations that trigger her but its near impossible. I have trained attention exercises to keep her attention on me prior to the triggers. Nothing seems to be working. I have even had a trainer come to observe the behavior and the suggested methods (stopping until she stops whining, treats) have not worked. I would love to one day walk my dog in peace! Any more advice would be wonderful!

Your dog appears to be totally unsocialized.  You've done a tremendous job so far but the fear response and anxiety you describe (fight/flight) is quite difficult to counter condition.  There is no "correction" involved, that would exacerbate the behavior.  The group class is not being conducted properly, DON'T GO THERE AGAIN.  A "growl" class, led by a behaviorist or highly educated and experienced trainer, would address the fear issues of your dog IN the class structure.  By taking her there, you are (in effect) "flooding" her with stimuli which elicit the fight/flight response.  There ARE times when "flooding" can work but only under explicit circumstances and after serious evaluation by a certified applied animal behaviorist.

There are many, many "backyard" dogs: these are dogs who originally were owned by people who did NOT socialize them outside of the yard (for people, traffic, especially other dogs, etc.)  Her behavior should NOT be embarrassing as IT IS COMMON in "backyard" dogs and no trainer should EVER see it as a temperament flaw.  If she is "good to go" in the backyard, let's leave it at that unless you are able to find a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (in Hawaii, don't know if there are any, actually, but there should be at least one).  This CAAB will observe the dog, who has an excellent temperament and is quite bidable (per your description).  Not every dog can go everywhere with everyone.  Nor should such a dog be expected to without the proper guidance.  If you are able to find a CAAB from the following links, you might want a consultation.  Otherwise, accept this dog for who she is (given her past limitations) and live with her as your companion:  

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