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My Maltese cross poodle is suffering extreme fear problems. When ever we leave his sight, he acts like an insane dog, scratching doors and ripping the paint off them, lots of barking, Weird impulsive behaviour and some other symptoms.

He is driving us insane and we are about to put him down. We are renting at the moment and with him scratching the paint off doors we are going to have to pay lots money to get a new paint job. Our family of 5 are going crazy please answer and help us!

Thanks for your time.

"Putting down"...euphemism for death sentence. Really?

You have children.  Is this the lesson you want to teach them?  I don't think so.  A child (especially under age 10) takes responsibility for everything "bad" that happens, that's just the way it is. And, that child learns about the world by watching you, his/her caregivers/parents.  I don't think you want to role model in this way.

I have no idea how old this dog is, when this behavior began, how long ago he was vaccinated (yes, vaccinations can cause extreme behavior and neurological problems).  I do very well understand your frustration and the fact that you are not presently in your own home, and so are extremely stressed by the destructive behavior.  However, having said that:

You are far far away in Australia which makes it quite impossible for me to give you a free phone consultation (which I often do in situations such as this and can last up to two hours).  Your dog's behavior is a clear indication that he may be suffering from: loss of sight; loss of hearing; neurological problem (i.e., temporal lobe seizures); reaction to recent vaccinations; dementia; cognitive dysfunction.  Is he suffering?  Far more than you are, and you ARE suffering.

Except for the knowledge of how beautiful and exotic your country is, I have very little knowledge regarding veterinary behaviorists, veterinary neurologists, veterinary internists, and I imagine that there are areas in your country where such professionals may not be readily available (i.e., may be hundreds of miles away).  Will such a professional help your dog and spare you and your family from having to make this decision (which should never be made due to financial loss but rather, due to reasons that pertain to quality of life)?  I believe so, actually.  This is a hands on, eyes on, situation which requires a full veterinary history, a full physical and neurological exam, testing for various acquired problems due to insect bites, etc., complete blood analysis, and interview of everyone in the home.  

There are two internet sources I can offer, neither of which I know personally.

Kathy is in New Castle.  I don't know where that is or how far that is, but SHE WILL be the most likely person to know a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist or a Veterinary Behaviorist in your area.


This site appears to contain contact information for heavily educated and credentialed behaviorists and even, perhaps, veterinary specialists.  Please peruse it.  Even if someone is too far away, that person (or those persons) will most likely be able to direct you confidently to someone near you.

It is a terrible task to put an animal to death, even when that animal is clearly suffering and there really does not seem a choice.  This is not something that leaves you; I have had to do it more than several times and I can remember each dog, each cat, each bird.  So will you.  Before making this decision, give this innocent animal and yourselves (who are loving owners) the comfort of knowing you did the best you could to help.  God bless.

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