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QUESTION: Hi, I have a female shih tzu, who is 5 years old.  She is very quiet all these years, she barely barks at all.  However, over the past week almost every night and sometimes days she is barking at the hallway in my house as though she is seeing a ghost!!!  This is freaking me out.  She also sits on the hallway and stairs at this one place as though she is seeing something!!!  During this time, she wants to go out through the back door and once I let her out she just sits on the grass and does not want to come in!!!
She usually sleeps with me upstairs in my bedroom, but she refuses to come upstairs, every time I bring her up, she goes back downstairs and lays on the rug by the place in question!!!
I thought I had a mouse so I went and got mouse traps and everything else but no mouse at all
Any help would be greatly appreciate it very much.

ANSWER: Important statement:  'THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT'.  Your reaction is freaking out your dog and further establishing whatever prompted this behavior (we will never know what that was).

Examine YOUR response vis-a-vis your normal life with your dog.  Make a list as objectively as possible.  Compare your normal routine to what you are now doing in reaction.  Do not allow her out the "back door" unless she is on leash with you; have a "party" out there (a little song, walk in circles, when dog is calm pop a bit of string cheese in her mouth and go back inside).  Don't force her upstairs.

Is it possible your dog is perceiving something out of the "ordinary" in your environment (not little visitors)?  Yes.  And?  Nothing.  YOUR reaction and continuing efforts to persuade her there is nothing to fear is actually making this worse.

IGNORE the fear.  If she barks at a wall and behaves "strangely" (raised hackles, growling, etc.) leave the room.  Reward ONLY calm, normal behavior which may take a few weeks to regain.  Response perseverance is a strong factor in fear related behavior and her response may be very nicely "set" because you are also upset and she has no idea you are upset because SHE is upset.

Move the rug from the "place in question", casually.  Don't worry about the dog's comfort, dogs sleep on cement!  We will do this consistently for ONE SOLID WEEK beginning TONIGHT (or when you read this answer).  You will IGNORE fear; you will REMOVE YOURSELF when she demonstrates this unusual behavior; you will not force her upstairs; you will TAKE her out the back door, counter condition by circling and singing and speaking in a high, happy tone until she is calm, food reward, bring immediately back indoors.

Within ONE WEEK of doing all of this in a TOTALLY CONSISTENT MANNER (regardless of how you "feel") report back using followup feature so I can see original question/answer.  There is a solution here and we will achieve it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for responding.  I will do all the things you said and see what happens.  I am mostly worried about unnatural ghost.  I know that sounds silly.  But I've heard dogs can see ghosts or spirits.  She recently been staring at a set place around where she barks.

I forgot to tell you we saw a mice in the back yard, I did setup mouse traps inside the house all over, where my dog wont get hurt.
If she barks, should i tell her to stop it like I do? she does stop and does not bark anymore..but then next night she starts again.
Thanks for your help.

IGNORE her barking; whether or not she begins after you say "STOP", you are still rewarding it by your reaction.

As for "ghosts": energies outside our dimension cannot harm us unless we are open to extremely serious negative energies and INVITE them in.  If you think you have a "spirit" trapped in your house and you have sufficient evidence, approach a priest or Christian pastor to bless your home.

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