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Hello Jill,

I believe I have written you a few times before about my dog, Princess, but now I have an entirely new problem.

I have always fed my dog the best and most nutritious dog food I can find, both dry and "wet".  In the past few months I have been feeding her with natural foods made by "Doggy Cuisine", which comes frozen.  I also feed her "Natural Balance" Dry that I get from Petco.  I mix them together and up until recently she has gobbled it down and licked her bowl clean every time.  But 2 days ago that changed.  

Princess came back from my neighbor's house carrying a BISCUIT in her mouth, and dropped it on my front porch.  I have told my neighbors not to feed her People Food, but apparently they do not take me seriously.  I suspect she had more to eat than just the biscuit, like maybe a bowl of gravy, but I have no proof of that.  But the reason I am writing you is because since that day, 2 days ago, she will not touch her food bowl.  Do you think it is because now that she has tasted 'people food' she does not want to eat her dog food?  Tomorrow will make 3 days since she has eaten, and I'm getting worried.  She is 13 yrs old and I have tried to feed her the best foods I can afford since she was a puppy, because I want her to be with me as long as possible.  Can you tell me if this behavior is normal, or can she get interested in dog food again?   Please let me know ASAP.  Thanks!

First and most important:  DO NOT ALLOW YOUR DOG THE FREEDOM TO WANDER WHEREVER SHE PLEASES.  Not ok and potentially dangerous: suppose a neighbor has hired a pest control person who has placed bait around a house?  Your dog is then dead.

Second:  No healthy dog will starve itself.  I suggest you contact your veterinarian, share this incident, and ask his/her opinion (seeing as the dog is elderly).  There are nutritional supplements available from your Vet (such as Nutri-Cal) which s/he will sell you if s/he considers it necessary.

The fact that the dog refuses her food might mean she is returning to the same location where some idiot is putting food out: for her, for other animals, who knows.  PREVENT THIS.  Make sure she is hydrated.  First thing tomorrow AM: call to Vet who will sort this all out.

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