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I have a 1 1/2 old female pit bull who I've had since she was 4 weeks old . she is absolutely terrified of men . she hates them she will lower her head and non stop bark while backing up . its took her about 2 months to get used to my boyfriend.  Once she warms up to a guy she still a little iffy about them and will bark and run if they move or stand up . any suggestions

this dog has a VERY GOOD REASON FOR HER FEAR.  Four weeks old is WAY too young to be separated from dam (mother).  This allows me to make the assumption that her dam was dumped into a kill shelter or caught by a (rabies) pole (which is really just a long device with a loop that allows a dog warden to capture a dog and hold it at bay until s/he can determine if the dog is a bite risk).  If this puppy WITNESSED this, and/or her dam had been abused by men IN HER PRESENCE, she obtained a fear of men because her dam was afraid.  Even the calmest dog in a high kill shelter will quickly obtain a fear of men (who are the primary cleaners and "care" givers) and her puppies will observe this and instantly obtain a fear of men.

Lowering her head and barking while backing up is FABULOUS.  The dog is not actively aggressive, she is terrified, threatened, and she has no idea why.  Warming up to a man is never going to be easy for her at her age (it's called response perseverance) UNLESS you can do a great deal of counter conditioning.  This sort of work (which exposes the dog to its feared object under controlled conditions, over and over) can only be taught to you in person by a certified applied animal behaviorist (NOT a dog trainer).  Believe it or not, I have counter conditioned dogs with active fear aggression (attempt to go forward and bite) in two to three sessions to specifically identifiable individuals.  However, there are many men, so this will take a skill I cannot teach you in a text box.  Your CAAB might know of a "growl class" conducted by a CAAB or highly skilled and credentialed trainer where your dog will learn to "work" (FOR POSITIVE REWARD ONLY, NO CHOKER COLLARS, NO CORRECTION, NO PUNISHMENT) in the presence of other dogs some of whom will have male owners.

See if you can find a CAAB in your area:

or call the veterinary college in your geographical area for referral.

MEANWHILE:  tell all men to TOTALLY IGNORE THIS DOG.  No eye contact.  They are not to use her name (they can refer to her as "rover" for conversational purpose with you).  They are never to attempt to make direct contact (go toward her, reach out to pet her head or back, or offer treats of any kind for any reason).  When your BF moves or stands up and your dog reacts, IGNORE IT.  Laugh.  (Dogs know what laughter means, they have been socialized to us as created conspecifics)).  Pay attention only to one another.  Keep a bag of high value food treats in your pocket or pinned to your waistband or belt.  AS SOON AS your dog has settled (laid down, with her back to the man; sat down with her back to the man; lost interest) casually toss a treat to her (casually) just "because".

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