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I have a small spaniel dog that has an issue with animal fur. Any piece of fur or anything made out of fur he will attack, even if it is on someone. He will lunge  and start biting it. He doesnít clamp on to it though, he will let out a series of quick, small nips. Iíve tried to get him used to it with scrap pieces but he didnít get it. He stares at any fur very intensely, like prey, and if I try to let him sniff it he starts his nipping and gets all wound up into a frenzy mode. Itís getting to be a big problem and is hard to trust him outside during winter. Can you give me some tips on how to desensitize him?

I'm unsure what you mean by "is hard to trust him outside during winter."  Either you live in a very rich area where there are humans wearing the skins of dead animals slaughtered for their vanity or your dog is reacting to "fur" of any kind, which would mean dog hair, cat fur, "fake" fur, etc.

When you reward the dog for his display of what appears to be a scent driven phenomenon that I have never heard of before (!), you are actually teaching the dog that whatever this response is that he is experiencing is GOOD and should be repeated.  The "frenzy mode" must never be allowed to develop under any circumstance.  Does this occur with visually "fur" like material or actual "fur" trim on coats, or actual "fur" coats themselves?  The nipping sounds more like frantic and confused social contact, but I can't see anything from here.

Purchase a fake fur item (sweater with fake fur, hat with fake fur) and "test" the dog.  Drop it casually in the center of a room, any room, where the dog is at rest and relaxed.  Then go away: obtain a distance (out of sight from the next room) and observe the dog.  Report back using followup feature.  It's very possible his first experience has now been greatly enhanced by your intervention.  We'll find out ASAP with this experiment.

PS: what breed or breed typ is this dog?  How old?  Are you the original owner?  Thanks.

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