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cocoa and her pup
cocoa and her pup  
I've raised my female pit bull cocoa since the day she was able to leave her mom which was about two years ago. She also has been raised with my pug dog from about the time I got her. Last night she viciously attacked the pug she had a good grip on his neck and nothing we did could get her off. He wasn't majorly hurt but at the moment we weren't quit sure. She had her first litter about eight months ago and has been acting a little different ever since. Shes never had this problem. Is this an issue that can be handle or will I have to get rid of her?

"Get rid of her...."  What does this mean?  You're passing a bitch who should NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO BREED to whom, exactly?  SANTA CLAUS?

The bitch in question is now responding to hormones released upon whelping and your "pack" (Pug and Pit Bull???) is failing in social structure.  Why: I can't see anything from here but I can see one thing (and this will not make me popular):  YOU ALLOWED a breed type, whose breeding line is no doubt totally inaccessible to you, whose temperament most likely has never been realistically assessed, to BREED in the presence of another dog in your home (male Pug. Neutered????)  You have no experience in breeding dogs.  You have no experience in owning a breed type that is well known for dog to dog aggression.  Your bitch may have been attempting to protect her neonates from some obscure body language of the Pug.  If your bitch had intended to kill your Pug, HE WOULD BE DEAD NOW.

Keep these two separate right now.  I am unable to determine what set her off but it was not sudden, it was oncoming.  Her hormonal status is questionable: she needs a titer evaluation of estrogen and progesterone and SHE NEEDS TO BE SPAYED as soon as the veterinarian thinks it appropriate.

YOU require a certified applied animal behaviorist to evaluate temperament, observe interaction between the two dogs, determine course of behavior modification.  GETTING "RID" OF A LIVING CREATURE who depends upon you and trusts you IS NOT A MORAL OPTION, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Find a CAAB at one of the following sites or call the veterinary college in your geographical area:

I could EASILY have sent you a response with "no answer" except in the body of the email as I have begun to do when the question just seems to me to be so out of the range of common sense and perhaps even a set up.  I did not.  You can leave me all the negative feedback you want.  You have allowed a breed type that should only be allowed to carry a litter based upon TEMPERAMENT and CONFORMATION to breed a litter of puppies who might very well have acquired her fear of other dogs (due to her response to your Pug).  This is inhumane, this is unconscionable.  Your bitch will NOT survive re-homing.  She will end up dead in a kill shelter under terrifying circumstances UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING NOW.

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