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I have a 7 year old female Brittany Spaniel. I've noticed her chewing on her back feet and front feet/wrists in the past. She recently started doing it again. I'm assuming her feet are bothering her, I feel like she's in pain maybe its arthritis? She runs around and stuff like usual, she's very happy and playful but she is getting old. Maybe it's allergies so her feet itch? Her vet gave me cortisoothe shampoo a few years ago for allergy in her skin but it's expired now. Is that something I should purchase again? I will be taking her to the vet sometime in May.

Thank you for your question. At 7 years old, your dog is only just reaching her middle age as the Brittany Spaniel has a typical lifespan of between 14-15 years.

As I am not a vet, I cannot diagnose your dog, nor could a vet without an in-person exam. But, since this dog has a history of allergies that manifest as itchy feet (quite common manifestation, actually), it is very possible that she is experiencing seasonal allergies.

Do not use any expired medicated shampoo without consulting your vet. I would strongly encourage you to see your vet this week, rather than waiting until next month. If she's uncomfortable, you and licking/scratching as you've described, then you should be speaking with your vet today to see if they can prescribe either a topical or oral or injected medication. They may wish to give her a cortisone shot to bring the itch down completely and then follow that with an oral low dose medication to be taken for a few weeks or through the summer. Or they may prescribe another medicated shampoo.

Keep in mind that frequent licking/biting can open the skin with small sores which can make her vulnerable to Staph and other skin infections. So you shouldn't wait as she may need antibiotics or anti-fungals as well as anti-itch medication.

Again, I cannot diagnose your dog, nor can a vet without an actual exam. But I wouldn't ignore this issue. If this were my dog, and the itching had been going on daily for 3 days, I would be at my vet getting it looked at. Better to err on the side of false alarm than miss something treatable until it becomes more serious.

Good luck. Please feel free to followup if I can be of any further assistance.

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