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I have a soon to be 3 year old Morkie, not neutered ( I don't believe in it - I am a responsible dog owner) We can not get him to stop peeing in the house. (We also have a 90 pound un-neutred mutt - they are the best of friends and I just had a baby) We got him at 8 weeks and we lived in an apartment - which made it challenging - I tried everything to potty train him.  We moved into a house and I thought perfect we will potty train again and it will be easier with the doggie door.  But we are still having potty issues. And they seem to be getting worse.  It used to be that he would just do it at night - so we left the light on outside thinking he didn't want to go in the dark by himself, or he would do it when we were gone, then it was he would potty in the house for like 3 weeks and then 1 week he would't potty in the house - almost like a PMS/menstral cycle.  He used to only do it at night or when we were gone but now I will walk out of a room and then come back a little later and he's peed in there, and a lot of times its right by the doggie door.  I have never seen him pee in the house - I feel like if I could see him do it I could correct it - he knows he's not suppose to I can look at him and he knows when I go to get the cleaner out that I found where he peed.  I've tried everything - treats, no treats, kennel timeouts, scolding, staying outside, pheromones, ignoring it, showing it to him, the list goes on.  I know some of it is marking his territory - I'm just wondering if there is any way to correct that without neutering? He does potty outside too, the majority is outside.

Yes of course you are a very responsible dog owner and you love your dogs or you wouldn't be tolerating this behavior.  HOWEVER: not neutering a male dog is subjecting that dog to torment if there is a female in estrus within five miles.  That's simply the truth.  Also: both dogs need their prostate glands checked yearly until after age 7, and then twice a year.  Dogs get prostate cancer also.

Any move of residence can disrupt even the best house trained dog.  A larger residence is a greater responsibility.  The fact that you just had a baby (congratulations!) is a serious contributory factor here.  The dog is highly stressed and confused.  He has no idea what a Human baby "is", he's just reading your body language (protective of course!)  When a dog has an "accident" near a window or door, the dog is expressing an "understanding" that "outside" is more rewarding (if you have house trained him to experience this) but he is not doing it out of spite.  He is also not showing guilt when you go to get the cleaner....he's seeing your frustration, muted anger, body language, and its association with him (you might be muttering his name, you might be glaring at him, who would blame you?)  He's reacting to THOSE things, not his urination.

Buy a belly band:

This makes it impossible for a dog to successfully urinate (the urine is immediately retained against the body or even inhibited totally).  TAKE him out and reinforce his urination outdoors with a tiny treat and a subdued "Yay!"  There are bitches in estrus all over the place right now and both your dogs can scent that, might be part of the marking problem but it seems more to me that he is making a statement: "my baby" lives here.  Prevent mistakes; reward appropriate elimination; ignore accidents (do not clean them up in view of the dog and do not use chlorine).  Reward what you want, ignore what you don't want, and give your dogs time to adjust to the new member of your family.  God bless that child and you.

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