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Canine Behavior/Yelping Triggers Aggression/Attack


lillypond wrote at 2015-05-16 11:46:20

 I have asked this question many times myself. I have been a professional dog trainer for 34 years and I have witnessed this behavior hundreds of times when teaching dog training classes and have never heard or read a good answer as to why it happens. ANY dog that yelps sharply triggers almost every other dog there to lunge at it, some aggressively, others with an intense interest.  Here is my theory...if you had a pack of feral dogs and the pack leader was challenged by a subordinate dog and the subordinate dog was on top and clearly winning the battle, the pack would have to have an instinct to back up the stronger of the two. This is in the packs best interest, to have the strongest pack leader possible. This would also apply to any two dogs in the pack fighting, the pecking order must be, strongest dogs in highest status and the pack knows this.  

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