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The puppy has been good and a joy to have the last few months however recently he has had these episodes where it starts with like over excitement it seems then turns to pure fear to the extent of howling crying and not even knowing who we are like he is somewhere else and he runs and hids wherever he can. He loses control of he bowl movements and is petrified of any human contact during the episodes.  Therer is not a way to calm him down its just a waiting game.  They can last between 10mins to 30mins. Things that have triggered them is I came home late 2am with a friend he knows very well and he was super excited in the crate then I let him out and with in a few mins out he had an episode (his first) then he was outside middle of day with my mom and sirens went off he howled then an episode started (2nd one) last one so far this morning my dad let him out of the crate to go potty at 5am and he just freaked out.  So what I am asking is why is he doing this? ?? What is causing it how can I help him and is this something that happens with this beed?

You need to consult a veterinary behaviorist.  It is possible the puppy is having temporal lobe seizures.  This over excitement can be normal in dogs during the period between 10 months and 18 months: they will suddenly race around the room like a maniac, etc.  But this is an extreme and it requires eyes on, hands on by an expert.  

First:  find a veterinary behaviorist.  If you are near Berkeley CA, Dr. Ian Dunbar is not only a veterinarian, but a foremost authority in dog behavior, the best in the world.  You can most likely find contact information online or at his site:  Since he appears to be limiting his practice to seminars, he may however know a veterinary behaviorist in your area.

Otherwise, try the following lists:

A baseline neurological exam and a history of behavior from you, his owners (entire family should go to this consultation) will help the Vet to arrive at some (even tentative) diagnosis and will most likely result in the dog being given medication.

Following this visit, ask this Veterinary behaviorist for referral to a CERTIFIED APPLIED ANIMAL BEHAVIORIST (not a dog trainer!) in your area for followup treatment, training, and counter conditioning.

His eyesight might be failing; I don't know what breed this is, or breed mix, the Vet will examine him for anything that might suggest cause.

Meanwhile: Do not over crate this dog; when you let him out of the crate, simply open the door and walk away.  Do not disturb him in the middle of the night, if he is having seizures this will precipitate one (old adage: let sleeping dogs lie).  Once out of the crate and behaving normally, sit next to him on the floor and attach a house tab (very lightweight leash).  If the dog begins an episode such as you describe, without using his name, making eye contact, or going toward him in a straight line (approach on A CURVE), pick up the house tab.  Sit quietly with him at your side until it is clear to you that he has calmed and his fight/flight response and panic has extinguished.  Then, ask for a simple "sit", pop a small treat in his mouth, release the house tab, go on as normal.

If you need further advice, please use followup.  

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