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Canine Behavior/agression in my chihuahua


My 5 year old chihuahua goes for other dogs (barking incessantly and quite agressively)when we are out walking. Ive been told a few things to try, all to no avail as yet: distracting with a treat, when i see another dog, tapping her on the nose and saying no, pulling her back whilst saying no (this is extremely difficult as she is so small and once knocked into  a wall while i was attempting to do this!!)and lifting up. This actually works but i fear that in the long run i am doing more harm than good when i use this method, as she will never learn to socialise and see that alot of dogs are nothing to be feared. Im getting to the point where i would rather just let her out in the garden as opossed to taking her for a walk. But again this will not help solve anything and may actually may things worse. I cannot afford to see a specialist at this time but desperately need some advice.

Many thanks
judi ahwan

Socialization occurs before (approximately) 14 weeks of age.  After that, it's rehabilitation.  Your Chi is demonstrating a fairly normal behavior for the breed (for many reasons, none of which matter right now.)

First; the dog must be wearing a secure body harness, NOT being led by the collar.  Any jerk or sudden pull will hurt and the dog will associate it with the oncoming dog (possibly already does).  

Second: your own unease and perhaps even embarrassment (none of us likes it when our dog "misbehaves") is going down the leash and is on your breath (adrenaline).  Dog perceives both.

She will never learn that "alot of dogs are nothing to be feared".  One on one with the same dog and an experienced owner, yes she can be counter conditioned to THAT dog over time (weeks or months) of repetitive interaction "accidentally" on purpose.  Not likely to happen.  Plus, there ARE dogs to be feared out there and you will not know which they are (understandably so).

Here is what you do:

As you see another dog approach, you anticipate your dog will react.  Even if your dog has already begun to react (lunge, vocalize) simply change your direction immediately first into a circle away from the other dog, stop, circle back, do a figure eight, all the time saying in a calm voice "Come along now, let's do this right".  As soon as the other dog has passed, go on as usual.  I have counter conditioned my rescue Toy Poodle who was not socialized to other dogs in this manner (since moving into an apartment after selling my house) and it WORKS within WEEKS.  My dog now shows interest but keeps going; should she show more than interest I change direction as I told you to do.  The change in direction actually changes focus, changes brain waves (yours and mine as well, btw), and engages the dog's cognition.  

Meanwhile: there are some large dogs that are a direct threat to a small dog on the "street" on leash.  They are owned by ignorant people who do not socialize them, who do not take them to puppy class or obedience class, and may not even be aware their dog is a danger.  To pick up your dog as one of these approaches is to make yourself a target.  In my area, there are two small women both whom own enormous Am Staff or Pit Bulls.  Both these dogs exhibit body language toward other dogs that worries me.  Were these women to come too close to me, if I picked up MY dog I would be the victim as well as my dog.  SO: I calmly and happily redirect my dog in another direction way before she spots THEM.  

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