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So I have a 6 year old Rottie and a 1 year old Great Dane. They are both amazing dogs and so friendly. They are both well trained and obedient. Ok so here is where I need help I took them for a walk as I normally do at the park, about half way around there was a toy poodle a man was walking on one of those pull cord leashes. This poodle came running at me and my dogs barking and growling the man never even tried to stop the dog and my dogs attacked it being a137 pound woman walking 130 lb Rottie and a 110 lb Great Dane I didn't have a chance they were working together to try and eat this dog. The man ran and picked the dog up and put it on his shoulders with it still growling and walked away I had a heart attack trying to get my dogs back in order but as soon as he left they were fine never did anything else and they walk by kids and other dogs all the time they have never done this. Here is where I need help I don't know what to .

The Toy Poodle came RUNNING toward THEM, not the other way around.  Since you don't seem to report either of your dogs has ever demonstrated any active aggression on leash toward other dogs, I assume this is a "first encounter".  Despite the noise and terrifying visuals that Toy Poodle must not have been harmed in any way or you would have known it (seen it, blood, lots of it, a Toy Poodle with massive injury).  SO: Your dogs "packed up" against another dog that was making a social statement (the "toy dog syndrome", lack of appropriate socialization, etc.)  They apparently did not actually HARM that dog.  The man was (frankly) an IDIOT to allow his Toy dog to:  1, be on an extending leash (I hate those things), 2, approach growling and boldly two very large dogs on leash with a petite woman!

I am unsure if you need to do ANYTHING right now except keep your eyes peeled for this idiot who is putting his dog at risk.  If your dogs are not exhibiting ANY signs of unusual aggression toward ANY approaching dogs (watch their hackles, ear sets, tail set - well not on the Rottie but definitely the Dane), then you have no problem, MAYBE.

IF, however, they should exhibit even the SLIGHTEST reaction that disturbs you, you will need instruction on how to use head collars for both dogs (very difficult with one, let alone two), worst case scenario; best case scenario, a certified applied animal behaviorist (NOT a dog trainer) to observe, outdoors and indoors, evaluate dogs and your emotional upset (at this point you have one!  I don't blame you) and make a plan to counter condition all three of you.  You can find one, hopefully, within your reasonable driving distance:

Now, having said the above: walking two large, powerful dogs whom you KNOW you cannot fully control in a sudden situation (such as this one) is most likely not the best idea unless both dogs are perfectly responsive to your verbal cues/commands and can be re-directed (walk in circles, sit when told).  This sort of thing may never happen again but you are clearly not truly in control, so I suggest you find a CAAB to help you determine a better method of cruising the neighborhood.  For your sake,  and most importantly, for the sake of your dogs who are not there to protect YOU, rather the other way around.  :o)  

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