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Canine Behavior/Sleep changes in my JRT, age almost 13


My JRT Shannon, for about 2 mos. now used to get up at 6 AM which as a retired person I could handle.

Unfortunately that has changed to 4 AM & I'm not able to continue this terrible change.  I understand things change with age (including myself) BUT any suggestions?  She does have thyroid problem that she's been on a pill for almost 2 yrs.  She goes for her annual check up next month.  

Also, I'm rationing her water intake as she's had many accidents this whole summer.  Thank you

As you may know from your own experience (thyroid medication is common for people), this supplement can wreak havoc with our lives: urination need can increase, anxiety can increase, sleeplessness can occur, or just the opposite; weight gain, etc., are all part and parcel of messing around with thyroid medication!!  This medication requires an every-three-month blood test to evaluate levels.

Let's see what your veterinarian has to say.  Rationing water is not a good idea. Hydration is important and kidneys will function poorly if there is insufficient hydration, causing extra urination rather than less in some cases.  Also, try a doggy diaper for Shannon overnight:

These "panties" won't stop urination if it is urgent and health related; if it is behavioral, they will (since the urine is retained close to the body and the dog will quickly learn to avoid urinating when wearing one).  Do not respond to her signals at 4AM, regardless of whether or not you are awake and stay awake, even if this means you have to stay in bed with your eyes glued open staring at the ceiling LOL.  Some of this change may be an inadvertent reaction to your response!

Reminder to your veterinarian: this is an elderly dog.  An "annual" checkup is certainly not even close to adequate, especially since she is taking a thyroid supplement.  If your veterinarian does not agree, I suggest you find one who is more contemporary in his/her practice.  Please let me know what the blood test shows.  While 13 is elderly, the JRT can live many more years.  If her blood levels are normal with the thyroid supplement (and I will be surprised if that is the case), then we will address this behaviorally.  Please use followup feature so I can see original question/answer.

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