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I have noticed in the last several weeks, my Lovey, (rescue mix with border collie and terrier) has been grinding her teeth 3-4 times when she is circling to lay down at night. We have a fairly consistent schedule for meals, potty and sleep.  She is well- adjusted and very loving.  There have been no new onset behavioral issues, appetite good, outdoor playtime is active with running and wrestling together. Just curious if this is just her "quirkiness" or if the beginning of a larger issue.  I have not noticed this except for going to bed at night.

Thank you for your question.

The first order of business whenever we see a new and unexplainable behavior (can't see an obvious reason for the behavior) is to get a vet check. In this case, your vet should be doing a proper oral exam to see if there is any tooth issue (cavity, crack, chip, gum disease, etc). Along with that, the vet should probably also look for other sources of pain (joints, muscles, even headache, etc) as teeth gritting/grinding can be in response to pain. It's important that we rule out any potential health issues that can be treated.

If the vet gives Lovey a clean bill of health all around, then we can start to ponder the potential behavioral causes for the grinding. When you say she grinds her teeth 3-4 times as she's circling to lie down, does this mean that you can see her mouth working or hear the sound in a pattern of 3 or 4 motions/sounds of grinding and then she stops? Does she stop before or after she has settled into her down position? Does she grind her teeth while asleep at all? Ever? Does she do this behavior every single night at bed time over the last several weeks, or you've just noticed it a few times? Does she does this at other times as she begins to lie down or only at bedtime?

Where does she sleep - in your room, in another room? Does she sleep on her own bed, in a crate, on your bed, the floor with no bed? Have you noticed any other changes in her behavior at all - she turns more or fewer times before lying down? She starts to lie down, but then changes her mind and switches direction or moves to a new location before settling?

How old is she? How long has she been part of your family? Does she get up with ease in the morning or at other times of day after having been lying down for a period of time?

Please have your vet examine her to ensure there are no health issues at play (or to treat any that you find). Then reply to this email with the vet report and, if she has a clean bill of health, answers to the above questions and we will go from there to try to determine if this is behavior you need to be concerned about or if it's just a quirk that we need not worry over.

Thank you for your participation in this effort to get to the bottom of Lovey's teeth grinding. I look forward to your followup.

Worcester, MA behavior specialist (formerly L.A.)

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