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Hello, I have 3 beagles,one of them had puppies recently they are 40 days old. She has had one other pregnacy before and everything went find with her puppies. When they where about to be born we separated the pregnant dog from the others, so she could be more confortable and we reunited them all when the puppies were 1 month old, everything was fine until the mother had a very bad fight with one of the other adult dogs. We thought it was because she was protecting her puppies so now the other dogs wouldnt mess with them again so we didnt do anything about it. The puppies are now eating solid food but one of the pups keeps wanting to get milk and the mother bit her hard on her nose and left a mark, we were worried but thought that maybe she accidentally bit too hard, but yesterday that same puppy had a very bad bit also around her nose and close to her eye and lots of blood came from that wound. I separated her from the mother, but I dont know if I should put her back with the mother when she heals?. I am going to sell them all but I am afraid that the mother has also become more aggressive or is it because I put all dogs together too soon?, I did it before and all the other adult dogs helped in the puppy training but this time they
all seem very stressed. This litter was bigger the first one they were 5 now she had 7 puppies. I will appreciate you answer my question.thanks

Remove all of the puppies from their dam and your other dogs and begin the process of finding them new homes.  Your dam is exhausted; she is behaving abnormally toward the puppy who is still trying to nurse.  Normally, a dam will lightly "discipline" a puppy (a snap, even pin the puppy to the ground); a bitch that is aggressive to the point of serious injury has lost patience and is at the point of exhaustion. The chance she will further harm (or worse) this neonate pup is high and it might begin to generalize to the others. This bitch already has developed issues with one other of your adult dogs; those issues might continue.  If so, please use followup feature to report the situation in full.

This bitch NEEDS TO BE SPAYED as soon as your veterinarian says her hormone levels have returned to normal.  You are not a breeder (professional) and you can see that your "pack" is now behaviorally unsettled.

Do NOT give those puppies away; ask a fair price.  You most likely do not have AKC papers for them (I doubt you registered the litter).  Be careful about where these puppies go, BUT GO THEY MUST and as soon as possible.  Create a contract (simple Word document) stipulating that both dogs (males) and bitches (females) in the litter MUST BE SPAYED AND NEUTERED and proof of same mailed to you by the new owners.  You may see a very sudden change in social hierarchy among your adult dogs.  If aggression between them or among them develops further, please use followup feature as I requested.

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