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My dog wants to eat all the time.  He either wants in and outside so that I will give him a treat or he stares at me and will stare at me forever until he gets more food.  I bought him a bone and that worked a little bit but now he walked away from it and is staring at me again.. help!!

Hi, Joe. Hate to tell you this but he keeps doing what he's doing because he knows what's going to happen, to get food or treats. There's a couple things you can change to get him to change. One is don't give him a treat every time he comes inside or goes outside and praise him instead. Treats should only be a beginning step in the training process and not be considered and every occasion thing. For the stare down episodes, it's simple. Just look or walk away. You can always give a good petting or scratching instead. This is also a good opportunity to incorporate training with playtime to give him something to do and learns and he gets your attention as well. Let me know if you have any other questions or thoughts. Thank you.

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I have experience with multiple obedience issues, including anxiety, different types of aggression, introductions to a new pet and basic obedience situations, such as housebreaking, excessive leash pulling and excessive barking. There are several approaches to each behavior issue, depending on the animal's environment, as well as the breed, sex and age. I can also help you decide whether the problem sounds medical or behavioral.


I recently graduated with a Veterinary Technician degree with an emphasis in behavior and obedience training. I spent 5 years working in animal shelters where I trained shelter dogs in basic obedience and corrected behavior issues and educated adopting owners how to continue the training at home.

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