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I have a 5 year old English bulldog, a13 year old pit mix and a 14 month old pit/old English bulldog mix. The 13 year old is obviously a senior and when pup tries to get her to play, bulldog will run to intervene and separate them and hump the pup.  The bulldog and pup play frequently together so am wondering what is going on here? Is bulldog protecting older dog or defending his position in the pack? The bulldog and older dog get along but they are not close. Thank you for your time.

Hi, Janus. Yes, it sounds like he is trying to maintain his place in the pack. Is he neutered? How do you react when this happens? Is there any growling or anything else going on? What I would do to reinforce that they are all equal is doing things that place the younger one above him. Such as when petting, giving treats, feeding, go in order of the pack. Meaning the senior dog first, then the pup then the last. This works to mentally say whoever is given the first treatment is first in the pack. And this can go any way. Whoever is trying to bully over the other, they basically get the treatment after the one being bullied. But remember, regardless you are the alpha.

If you have any thoughts or other questions, feel free to get back to me. Thanks

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