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I got my dog (chiweenie), Maisey, while I was living alone, and a little over 2 years later, my sister and I began renting a home together (she has an older yellow lab).  Over that last 6 months or so, Maisey seems to prefer my sister over me, which kills me because I love her to death and do everything right for her (best food, groomer, daycare, etc.).  My sister never seemed to show much interest in Maisey, which has made this even more confusing.  It's only been recently that my sister has been showing more affection to her.  One last piece of information, which I do not know if it matters or not.  I have always taken Maisey to an in home daycare and over the last 2 months or so she has only been going 4 days instead of 5 and staying home with my sister that day.  My sister is home constantly except for working 4 days a week, which is at night.  It seems like my baby has stopped loving me.  Why has she started showing preference to my sister?

She has shown preference as follows:  with thunderstorms and fireworks, she follows my sister instead of me, she seems more excited to see my sister than me.

Any thoughts and/or advice would be helpful!


Thank you for your question and the picture of Maisey. She's adorable.

I know it can be frustrating and even hurtful when our dogs seem to take a shine to someone other than us. Without observing how you interact with Maisey compared to how your sister interacts with her, it's impossible for me to tell you definitively why she might be spending more time with her right now.

It's possible that your sister's somewhat disinterested interactions is actually appealing to Maisey. If you are particularly affectionate, picking her up, snuggling her cooing to her, etc. it may actually feel a little overbearing to Maisey. You mentioned that she tends to follow your sister during thunderstorms and other scary events. How does your sister respond to this? Some dogs require a lot of cuddling and reassuring during such events, while other dogs prefer to just be near someone who is calm and quiet. If your sister is just allowing Maisey to be in her space, but is not directly engaging with her, Maisey may find this more soothing and reassuring. Sometimes our efforts to reassure actually come across as a little frantic, which can actually make the dog feel less secure.

With my own dog who is very frightened of thunder storms, I've found that allowing him to just lay at my feet and I rest a foot against him so he can feel my physical presence, is the best way to comfort him. My instinct is to scoop all 35 lbs of him into my lap and whisper reassurances to him. But he finds that a little smothering. So I have to restrain myself a bit and know that with my boy, when he's feeling anxious, less is more.

On the flip side, if your sister is very animated with Maisey and this distraction is helping her forget the scary thunder monster, then perhaps offering that kind of activity would be better for Maisey.

So in essence, take note of how your sister engages with Maisey in those moments when you wish she would be choosing you instead and then try to emulate that and see if it makes a difference to Maisey.

I'm sorry this is not more specifically helpful. But without observing the interactions, it's not really possible to help you determine how to change what you're doing or what to ask your sister to change in her interactions. If you'd like to provide some video of her interactions with each of you, I'd be happy to view them and let you know what I see and where I might start to adjust the interactions. You can post videos on YouTube and in the settings you can declare them to be "unlisted" which means they won't show up in public searches. Then you can reply to this as "private" and provide me the URL links to the videos.

Please feel free to followup if I can be of any further assistance.

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