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Canine Behavior/Dog is frightened and barks and growls all of the time


paragon wrote at 2013-03-14 21:18:43
but you didn't really answer anything, other than to say 'ask somebody else'  

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Alaskan Dog Mushers depend on Pack Mentality Training. We are enthusiastic adherents to this method and possibly the most experienced in applying it.

Sled Dogs perform feats of mental and social acuity that amaze even an experienced observer. My techniques were developed by training large groups of dogs to perform complex tasks while peacefully co-existing as a Team. I taught novices how to handle teams of up to sixteen animals by themselves. My various Race Official placements required I judge other dog professionals on the application of training methods.

How does this relate to you and your dog ?

I can help you speak to your dogs inner wolf and offer methods that support well-balanced lives in the human world. On certain levels all dogs think alike; my background with those close to their wild cousins provides many insights not available elsewhere.

I can help with daily routines to meet a dogs pack psychology requirements, and suggest unusual play methods to satisfy their canine cravings. I can help and advise proper ways to share kitchen foods. I can counsel regarding common stresses such as new additions, new experiences, and multiple dog households.

My advice is unusual and at times controversial. This is not a result of personal bias, but more likely due to under-reporting of our methods among the field of Dog Behaviorism. I am willing to present very advanced techniques, it is entirely up to you to decide if you are confident in using them.

While I enthusiastically believe many of you can make great strides in a forum such as this, some dogs or owners require hands-on evaluation of their situation. I advise you to seek professional and/or veterinary help if your conscience is not perfectly clear on the best way to proceed.


Iditarod Dogsled Race Judge 1992. Founder of Copper Basin 300 Dogsled Race serving as Race Marshall 90,91,92. Owner Wrangell Dogsled Tours 1983-1993. Current business: "Learn Dog Whispering" (

Discovery Channel segment promoting Alaska Winter Tourism, current business:

Oregon State University, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Anchorage

Awards and Honors
Honored as Race Judge on Iditarod, chosen from a world pool of applicants. Offered and regretfully declined a position as Judge for the Hope Race across the Bering Strait through Siberia. Early pioneer in the Alaska Winter Tourism Industry, founded one of the world's first Adventure Dogsled Operations.

Past/Present Clients
Good friend of the late Joe Redington Sr., Father of the Iditarod. Past Professional relationships with the worlds’ greatest dog racers. Hosted comedian/pianist Victor Borge on a dogsled tour at age 83 amidst great concern for his safety !
Other international clients, many of whom barely spoke English, often complimented me as being the ‘best translator who didn’t even know the language’, a trait I attributed to my dog behavior skills.

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