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Canine Behavior/Epileptic dog too hyper


Jeff wrote at 2008-06-04 15:57:25
Nothing to do with behaviour it is temporary brain damage from the seizures, my dog clusters and this starves oxygen to the brain the worse they are the longer it takes to get over them. He is currently bounding about the house peeing everywhere after a big cluster. The best way to deal with it is give him valium after first fit then take him to the vet to knock him out, this will hopefully nip the cluster in the bud and minimise the impact on the brain.

I don't think this site should be selling dog merchandise on the back of serious medical conditions.

Clusters are serious one day your dog may suffer permanent brain damage or die from these take him to the vets

maverick wrote at 2013-03-03 21:27:47
My poor little dog does the same, he is a beloved Jack Russell called Rosco. For days after a seizure he is not quite himself, tearing round the house, jumping on the table, tearing the chair with his teeth as i sit on it and generally being over stimulated and not the polite fun happy dog i know him to be. I feel this is a neurological issue and with Rosco and I am choosing to give him Valium (from my vet) afterwards, as I feel this is the kindest thing to do. It allows him to relax, sleep and recover physically from the seizure, and if it were me having a seizure then tearing round frantically after i think i would appreciate someone giving me a safe loving environment and something to calm me down if necessary.  

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