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Christopher Lee wrote at 2016-03-02 03:39:38
the ignition diagnostics works great on the jeeps from earlier modela 1993 - 1998 Grand Cherokee models all except for the 1998 models for some reason. your problem could be the vtts after 20 ignition cranks but no start triggers the " no run feature" to make it so it won't run. The imobilizer on the Jeep has a signal sent to the pcm for shut down of engine by the add relay. is there a clicking inside when tried to start? also maybe the transponder key is worn in which case the fob is the only way to turn it off. if the no run feature is activated the only way is a newonderful pcm unit programmed to your Vin and miles with the obdII Scanner. The new pcm is shipped with the same feature however. If you can get it started then pull the security model behind the glove box completely out but do not do it unless the Jeep is running otherwise there will be issues. let me know if your problem is fixed by another way or if this helps I'm curious, and experienced the same issue with my 98 jeep grand Cherokee limited which became a large lawn ordiment for some time until I torealized it apart and replaced the camshaft sensor, new battery, new terminals, cleaned the pcm connections, new aSD relay, new ignition. switch,did the door key thing, grounded the wire and tons of pain, headache and research. search the year, model, and vtts and year, model and immobilizer. good luck if you have not solved it yet.  

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