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Car Alarms/Viper 473v remote start for my honda civic 2001 is not workin


QUESTION: Hi, my viper remote (FCC ID: EZSDEI464V) for my honda civic 2001 car has the below problem.
The start button on the remote is lightening up but the car is not starting.  The lock/unlock button works.  Can someone help me how can I get it fixed?  
This problem started after I start using the snapshot device provided by progressive insirance.  Even i stop using the snapshot device, i still have the issue.

ANSWER: you have to reprogram the alarm and the remote start, in the worse case you have to reprogram the key bypass system

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QUESTION: Hi, thank you very much for your response.  Can you please advice how can I reprogram the remote start?

Everything off radio, a.c., lights
Find the small valet switch under the dash turn on the engine with the key you have two seconds to press and hold the valet switch, the parking lights and led will flash or turn on when the programming is finish, let go the valet switch and turn off engine , now try the remote

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