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I have an alarm system on 1988 Fiero, so the Alarm system is as old as the car. I believe it is a Alpine 8080 I know the remote is a sec-8401
The remote was flashing and I changed the battery.
The remote would not unlock the doors, so I started pushing buttons on the car keypad. Now the alarm light stays on flashing. I have tried turning on the ignition then pushing the micro switch under the dash.
As soon as i take the key out the keypad goes back to flashing.
I disconnected the battery then reconnected and the doors immediately locked. Then the remote was able to unlock the doors only once and the keypad went back to flashing alarm. Apparently the user manual is no longer available.
Thanks for any help.

The alarm is on valet mode, and i don't remember how to get it off valet
call alpine see if they can help you the last time i use that system was in 1992 23 years ago I don't remember,  to put on valet or remove it the ignition needs to be on

good luck  

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