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Car Stereos/Installing Amp on OEM HU on 2005 Silverado


Dave wrote at 2009-04-19 17:00:11
Hey Justin

Ive been reading your little delema. It would apear that you have gotten into the truck security system and have caused an isse with it.

You need to find someone that works at a GM delership to help solve our problem.

Good luck


ernesto wrote at 2013-01-04 05:03:10
There is no ignition wire on this GM radio or any GM CLASS 2 data bus system the radio turn on and off with data, that is the reason why there is always power on that wire that goes to sleep after all the doors are close ( it takes a few minutes )

taping into the data wire is a very bad idea, because this connects to the BCM (body control module )also this is the reason why the vehicle is not running the factory anti theft system runs by the radio

if this happens to your GM vehicle unplug the battery and way overnight , if you remove the factory radio put it back asap until you can solve your problem

or use the correct harness to replace the radio

read more about gm class 2 here and also this is the radio harness you need if replacing the radio

good luck  

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