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Car Stereos/Stereo detachable face connection issue


Joe wrote at 2012-11-20 00:47:12
I have the same problem. At first I thought it must be a power supply problem, maybe a loose fuse. Then one day I noticed that when I pulled the detachable face off, the unit was extremely hot. I think what is happening is that the detachable face unit heats up causing the plastic to expand. This in turn causes the power connection between the face unit and the in dash unit to separate. So, when you press on it, naturally you cause both units to contact resupplying power, once you let go, the problem returns.

I came to this conclusion one day when I was playing the stereo for a couple of hours while my car was parked. The stereo just shut off. I detached the face and thats when I noticed the face was extremely hot. Thats when I noticed that the unit always shut off after a couple of hours when it heated up. I have not idea how to solve this problem other than to replace the whole stereo. I dont even think removable face car stereos are made anymore.

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