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Hello Brian.

I was hoping you could help guide me through where to wire everything for my new car audio system.

A quick overview of the components:

it has an after marker head unit (was in car when purchased)

I have two Aplne type R subs.

This is the mono amp to run the subs

And this is the amp to run the speakers (fronts will be conponents and rear (yet to be decided on) will just be for fill

My main question is, I'm unsure how to wire the amps from the head unit.
Do I run a set of RCA caples from each of the 4 speaker outputs (FR,FL,RR,RL) on my head unit to my 4 chan amp, and then from the amp output to the speakers?

and then what about the amp for the subs, do I use an RCA output from that amp to the other one? or do I use One of, or Both of the SUB outputs of my headunit to my sub's amp?? .. Im confused.

Im new to car audio, and been trying to do my best to research, but it is rather confusing.

Thankyou, Jake.

Hi Jake,

I took a look at the owner's manual for the Eonon head unit, and it appears to have a full set of pre-amp outputs:  front right and left, rear right and left, and subs.   I think you may be confusing the speaker outputs and the pre-amp outputs.  If the connection is an RCA jack, then it's a pre-amp output.  The head unit's speaker outputs are probably already connected to the factory speaker wires at the head unit location, so you'll want to make sure these are disconnected and taped off when you add the amplifier to the system.

You should run RCA cables from the pre-amp outputs to the amplifiers, then the speakers will be connected to the amplifier's outputs using speaker wire.  Go ahead and connect both SUB outputs to the sub amplifier using RCA cables.  (The head unit has two subwoofer outputs just for convenience, as most subwoofer amplifiers have left and right inputs.  Both sub outputs produce exactly the same audio signal from the head unit, so having two outputs allows you to connect to both inputs on the sub amp).

In the end, you'll have three pairs of RCA cables running from the head unit:  Front left and right and rear left and right to the 4-channel amp, and the dual subwoofer outputs to the left and right input jacks on the mono amp.  The head unit's speaker outputs won't be connected to anything.  The front and rear speakers will be connected to the 4-channel amp using speaker wire, and the subs will be connected to the mono amp using speaker wire.

Hope this helps!


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