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truck stereo
truck stereo  
I Have a Chevrolet Silverado 2003 with Original Stereo CD/Cassette and bose Sound System without satellite radio (regular)
I was trying to solder some cables inside the stereo somewhere where the radio receiver is connected as i watch some videos in youtube but couldnt figure out this particular model. I was wondering if it comes with a market amplifier somewhere inside the truck and if there is one, can i disconect the signal inputs from the stereo to the amp straight from the headphones from my phone?
I attached a picture  of my stereo model wich i dont even know the actual model number and its conected to bose speakers.


Hi Enrique,

I've never tried to add an auxiliary input to this type of radio just by soldering on components, so I can't help much with this part.  This generation of GM factory radios relies on data bus communication between the various audio system components, which makes it harder to add an auxiliary input directly.  If your truck is equipped with an external audio source (like an XM radio tuner) you could interrupt the audio input wires with your auxiliary input connection, but if it doesn't have a external source, the head unit just won't recognize any input connection because it doesn't detect another component on the data bus.

Several manufacturers make auxiliary add-on interfaces for this type of vehicle, and that's your best bet for adding an auxiliary input if you don't want to change the head unit.  An example is the ISGM535 made by PAC.

The Bose system does use an external amplifier, located under the center console.  It's possible you could interrupt the audio signal wires between the head unit and the amplifier with your auxiliary source.  Again, this isn't something I've ever tried to do, but in theory you might use relays to break the audio signal wires and connect your external source.

Here's a link to a diagram for your truck's Bose audio system:

Hope this helps!


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