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my head has one set of RCA jacks and i have three amps one amp for the front speakers one for the rears and one for the sub. the deck im replaceing had two sets [front and rear and one for a sub] any help id be very thankfull for!!

Hi Shawn,

You have a few different options for connecting multiple amplifiers to a head unit with one set of RCA outputs.

First, you can just use a couple sets of RCA Y-adapters to split the RCA outputs three ways.  Obviously, you won't have any fader control through the head unit between your front and rear speakers, and you won't be able to use any built-in subwoofer controls on the head unit.

If any of the amplifiers have RCA outputs as well as inputs, you could "daisy-chain" the amplifier connections: run an RCA from the head unit to the first amp, then another from that amplifier to the next.  Many amplifiers include this feature to make it easier to connect multi-amplifier systems.

Another option is to use a 4-channel line output converter to change your head unit's speaker outputs to RCA outputs, while using the single RCA output for the subwoofer amp.  This setup would let you retain fader controls and subwoofer controls from the head unit.  

You can buy an equalizer for the system.  Most car audio equalizers give you front, rear, and subwoofer outputs from a single input.  In this case you'd be making fader and subwoofer level adjustments at the EQ rather than the head unit.  

Hope this helps!


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