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I'm very much interested in movies, I love watching movies. In fact I feel like each movie that I watch is like a tutorial for me to learn film making. My question is I'm having lots of concept for movies, also I'm good in narrating a script and I do have some stories which I narrated to my friends. But I don't know how to write it down as a script with describing the scenario, scene by scene. However I'm good in narrating every bit of details in a scene and also good with the flow of narrating screenplay with perfect emotional modulations with choice of words that make others feel enthusiastic and eager to know the next part of my story. I would like to know the format of script writing and also need grammar references in film making. I'm sure you know what I mean by Grammar, after watching a lot of movies with keen observance, I'm seeing a pattern of narrating style for each genre. The films with the right proportional contents of there genre is always making a good impression and those films which lacks the grammar or has contents of other genre without any need of that to the actual content is actually getting wasted and it also is making the movie a worthless trash. Also I would like to have a real time experience to learn film making and need your guidance to make my dream come true carrier. Guide me with where I can learn, where I will get the extreme exposure to learn to my utmost starving.

Hello Arvind,   I recommend the reading list at "the 50 best screenwriting books."  From this list you can pick and chose those books that best meet your needs. There are also a great many film schools in India that teach film making.  I think there were 16 pages of schools that I found.  So also do a web search of "film schools in India" and you will find what you are looking for. Best wishes, Doc

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