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I've been having a bit of an internal debate going on inside recently. I'm 15-years old and for most of my life, I've loved art and drawing and I had thought for a while that that's what I wanted to get into as an adult. And now seemingly out of nowhere, I get this idea in my head that I might want to be an actress. I realized that I had always kinda had this idea in my head but never gave it any thought because I just thought it would be impossible to make it in Hollywood. I thought maybe I could go into directing or producing or even writing screenplays instead of acting, but I really would like to act the most. However, I'm concerned because I've never had any sort of training. I've never even taken any theater classes at my school and I'm not part of the drama club either. I'm a pretty shy girl and I've never really shown an interest in acting before, and so I'm scared to pursue it because I worry that I won't be good enough because I have no training. Or I worry that you have to have an outgoing personality to be a good actress, and I'm kinda awkward. I just want to know if this would be worth pursuing? Would it even be possible for me to make it in the business, and if so, how? I've heard of the school Cal Arts in California and it looks like an amazing place to go to, but I don't even know how I would audition seeing as I've never done any acting. That and I'm scared I'm not good enough. What do you think? Should I go for it?

Natalie...Thanks for writing.  Sorry I have not wrote back.  This is a great question that I do want to answer.  I have been on vacation and forgot to shift the times on the website.  Hopefully this answer will help you anyway...

One of the most powerful careers that you can be in when you are shy or scared is acting.  So you may have something here.  Acting for community theatre, film background work, and the like...Because it helps you as an individual.  Taking workshops for acting helps as well.  

I would not decide you are going to make it a career until you try it and learn significantly about it.  Take workshops.  Experiment with this acting thing in community theatre and do background work in film.  Be diligent in reading about it and researching it by trying it.  If you love it, then you will know that it is worth pursuing a little more.

Once you have discovered it and how you feel about it and taken a good year or two to be involved in community theatre and the like and read about it, then decide if you like it enough to do it continually.  If you do then you can go another step...

Once you know that you are going to do it, I suggest taking some official training at a university or take a long acting course at a well known acting school of some kind.  

Also, to help you through the hard times (and with acting and pursuing this career it is not easy so there will be hard bare times).  Decide on what your deep purpose is for doing it.  What is going to drive you to continue to do it when things are slow.  Why acting?  What's the purpose?

My reasons - because I cannot not do it.  It's a part of who I am.  If I am not acting, I am not being fully me.  Another reason - because I inspire people to be their greatest selves by telling stories.  I am cheating others from this inspiration if I don't do it.

What's your's?

Does this help?

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