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I am seeking advice on my current modeling career. I have dabbled in modeling in Asia for about a year and I recently signed a contract with a Chicago based agency. I wish to further my career by attaining more tear sheets and eventually move to a larger, more international market. I have goals about which agencies I would like to be able to eventually sign with and know that I must put together a better portfolio in order to compete with very experienced asian models coming from asia to new york. I have been researching locations where I could ask to be sent so that I can get tear-sheets, but since I am Asian I am not sure where to go because most of the markets seem to highly prefer Caucasian models to be in magazines. Do you recommend a location where I might be able to go for a few months and shoot editorials that I can beef up my portfolio with? Or do you suggest an attempt at the big market right away. I am not sure how to expand my career options.


That is a good question that your current agent should be able to help you with.  New York is the place to be in America for modeling, so if you or your agency can get you there now, that would be ideal.  In many cases, it can actually be helpful if you haven't worked a lot before you begin in NY, as a new face can be difficult to find.  As you know, it does depend on your look, and how you can be marketed.  Exotic or unusual is good, unless you can only be seen as an ethnicity other than Caucasian.  

Have your agency discuss with you your strongest marketing points, and what you can do to increase your range of looks (if anything).  In your case it may not work to try and compete with similar looks, but instead to try and stand out to be as different as possible.  If your agent isn't that helpful, or you just want to try things on your own, you can visit a site like, and look at their list of top 50 models or top agencies.  Choose the model(s) whose look is similar to yours and you will see a list of agencies who represent them.  Chances are they will welcome another ethnic look, or at least you know they represent more than just the standard Caucasian.  Some of the top agencies also have a list of who they represent (and you can see what ethnicities are there) and you can then use your favorite search engine to locate contact info.  

Good luck to you, and I wish you much success

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