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QUESTION: Dear Taylor

1. Is it Possible to Video shoot the complete Live Performances of Artists in Plays without the audience coming to know that the video shoot is going on in background ?.

As a example, Play of 2 1/2 hours duration.

2. If video shooting is possible for the Live show setup, do you feel as a Play Director, this could be useful in any way ?.

i.e. If video shooting is possible, you will be able to play the complete video recorded later on.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Hi Prashant, Sorry for the delay, I'm on a shoot.

Yes, it is possible to record a performance, at least from one angle, depending on the theater, of course. But then, does it matter if the actors know? You could even NOT record, but have the cameras there. That way the actors would get accustomed to them and relax.

It could be helpful to some actors to see their performance. For myself, I tend to avoid watching myself. 75% of everything I have been in, I have never seen. I feel it gets me "into my head"....thinking too much and being too critical. You want to lose yourself in the scene, and let reality slip away, not be planning every movement and worrying how you look.
An actor cannot be worried about looking foolish!



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QUESTION: Dear Taylor

Thank you.

1. Is it possible to setup CCTV Systems, Video Cameras and other video recording equipment in Auditorium, Amphitheaters for capturing Live Footage of Plays ?.

2. Is it legally allowed to shoot a Live Play by the Play Director, Producer, Publisher and show the same play in Theater or Television in the future ?.

As a Example : "The Merchant of Venice" - William Shakespeare Play was organised and Played many times in a Auditorium / Amphitheater where there were live performances by stage artists. The Play Director / producer /
Publisher of the Play Shoot a Live Video of the same.

Now After specific time period, Can the Play Director/Producer show it on Television and Theaters ?.

Here in theater and television media, now the audiences will be watching the same play but not live performances, but the one which were recorded.

Is it legal to produce and distribute medias viz films, videos of the Original Play to the Audiences ?.

i.e. Live Play -> Auditorium, Amphitheater -> Converted Video, Films Media -> Television, Theater.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant,

Sorry for the delay, I have been involved in a project and have not been able to keep up with emails and messages.

In short, you CAN record performances for re-sale or broadcast later, provided you have legal agreements pursuant to the jurisdiction of the performance AND where the videos will be sold or broadcast. In other words, the talent and whoever is involved with the making of the video must agree to the compensation offered in writing. Should the video be broadcast, sold or seen in say, Europe, agreements would have to address that as well. Many lawsuits have been brought by actors, producers, etc. who discovered the work was being sold elsewhere and they did not receive profits from the venture.



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