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I'm 12 (year 8) and I want to become a professional actress.
Ok, so I'll tell you a bit more about me and drama...
I have always loved gymnastics, I still do, I have always loved doing school plays, I never got the main parts then but that's because I knew nothing about drama. How does gymnastics come into it? Well they both perform and that is what I love.
When I joined my school I auditioned to do a speech, and I did, and I absolutely loved it. I started doing drama lessons at school and then drama clubs at school, I still do. I also joined Stageworks. I then did the school drama competition, auditioned and got through doing a duologue, play and then another play, I had so much fun, we had loads of rehearsals and tech rehearsals in the theatre and drama studio, btw my school specialises in the performing arts. I now do lots of plays and performances at school. I should now be joining the PQA, hopefully and I have done loads of research and practising. But I have a problem, If you want a main part in the school play you have to sing and dance, I can't sing, I hate it and am not planning on learning any time soon.
So here are my questions:
1) How to find a good drama school, any suggestions for good ones?
2) How to get my parents to know how much I love acting?
3) Any good websites, books, monologues ext...?
4) How to get started ( mainly in film rather than theatre) ?
Thanks so much for any helpxxx
Daisy :)

You have many good questions here. It shows that you are a serious student of Theatre and want to do well.
1. When you ask about a good drama school, I need to know are you talking about college? If so, you can search on the web for colleges with BA or BFA in Theatre in a location where you might want to live.
2. I think if you have serious discussions about your love of Theatre, they will understand.
I recommend that you think about going to a college/university with a Liberal Arts emphasis, so you can major in Theatre and study others subjects as well.
3. Yes, there are lots of good websites, books, monologues.
You can once again search on the web for age appropriate monologues for girls your age. Read lots of plays such as THE MIRACLE WORKER.
Look at Dramatic Publishing website and Merriwether Publishing for monologue books for your age.
4. If you are interested in film acting, then you need to search for colleges with Acting for the Camera.

As far as musicals in your school, you might talk to your teachers to see if they can do at least one nonmusical each year, and maybe do an evening of scenes from nonmusical plays.  

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