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hello mr sheppard good afternoon to you ...can i ask one question about directing when you have a single camera that is filming one scene say about 4 men who are having a dark conversation about a murder plot the camera is mainly focused on the 3 actors  but how do you have it focused for a second or two on the fourth actor to see his reaction from time to time during the meeting have you got to have retakes of the same scene short distance long distance versions  and then use digital to put all the different shots together  how would that be done if you donot mind me asking i'm rather inquisitive please reply  dillon

Hi Val,

Sorry for the slow reply, I have been on location for a week.

In answer to your question: Yes, unless you have multiple cameras, you must re-take the scene over for each reaction shot from each actor. Also, each camera needs to be the same resolution, etc., otherwise, the visual effect will be jarring to the viewer and remove them from the action due to the qualities of the image changing.

Of course, this requires good acting technique: making sure that the actors rehearse their lines and blocking and remember things like which way their heads were turned when a certain word was said, the expression on their face, etc. In other words, doing the EXACT same thing on each take to make the editing easier, yet not looking contrived, or "planned". Nothing kills an editor when trying to splice together a film and not being able to use an otherwise great take because some small flaw ruins the take. (The actor suddenly looking left instead of right. Editing is a true art. You often must take a master shot where people are making big gestures, then somehow switch to a medium or E.C.U. shot where the action is subtle.

In big budget movies, or tv live shows they can or must use multi camera setups, or in big effects scenes where they can only blow a building up once. When a single camera can cost more than most movies, and a lens is more than a super nice house, it is often the only choice to rent a camera for a sequence of shooting only. The rest of the time, its all about repetition.


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