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Hello Mr. Sheppard, I'm Gale and I have been having some confidence issues while starting to audition. I feel so out of my league and so far from ready to start. I wanted to start in musical theatre but I havent been trained in the field and all the singing and dancing I do is self taught. Should I go back to school for a 4 year BA or should I just push through it or figure it out? I also feel like I dont have a commercial "look", should I even continue?

Hi Gale,

Sounds like you suffer from "paralysis by analysis"...meaning you are thinking too much. You can think about something until you get blocked in your mind and doubt everything.  There are two occassions in acting that I can think of where you need to act on more than one level simultaneously, this is one. I had terrible self-confidence issues, nerves, when I began. Luckily, it only lasted a decade or so! Lol! It took a combination of working on the mental tapes and Ithink, experience that took care of it. I just got bored of worrying about it. Everyone has little pre-recorded scripts in their head, or tapes, which plyback things parents or other people said, mostly as a kid. Sometimes the things we were told were wrong, sometimes they get distorted. Somtimes, our minds choose to take the thoughts and use them to help talk ourselves out of doing something stressful and scary. If you quit, or sabotage yourself, you dont have to stress anymore, you can just go home and eat chips on the couch where its safe!

If you already have a degree, I wouldnt go hide back in college...unless you want to teach someday or work other than as an actor. I havent met any actors who have BAs in theater...not stars, anyway...If it makes you feel better, go take a class in auditioning! I think  it is a must do, BUT...get to work going to auditions...donnt turn any down! Even if you arent right for the part or want the role, because the more you are exposed to it, the more relaxed you will get. I

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