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Do you know whether or not the Disney studios have its own casting department for extras and other acting roles?

If someone wanted to be an extra in one of these Disney programs/productions or films, is there a certain procedure to use or follow?

I thank you for your reply?

Hi Kenneth,

Disney does have its own casting department but those are usually only for the bigger, starring roles.

For smaller roles, like guest stars and day players, they'd usually get a casting director. If you want to submit to a CD, then you'd mail them your headshot and resume. But, don't expect anything to come out of it because they get a ton of headshots/resumes everyday. Your best bet would be to go to a casting director workshop here in LA. Target the Casting Directors who work on the Disney shows you want to be on and sign up for one of their classes. That's a good way to get on their radar, especially if you're new to the business and don't have an agent.

Extras are a totally different thing though. You'd have to sign up with an agency that specializes in extras casting, like Central Casting. You'd go in for an open call (or even mail them) and bring your headshot and resume if you have one. If they're desperate for people, you can usually get away with not having them.

By the way, why do you want to be an extra. Aim higher! :)

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