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Hello. My sister Emily,16, is a budding actress/dancer and is starting a drama apprenticeship soon. I totally support her and feel she has the talent and drive to go much further. I am 21 and would like to take on the role of her manager if possible and would appreciate any advice on how to formalize this. Thank you.

Hi Lorna, Until Emily is 18, her parents have legal rights to her activities, so any contracts or agreements will have to be with at least one of them. It could be a simple written agreement that they agree to you acting in Emily's behalf as her manager.  And you both sign and date it. It should be for no more than two years and then you can talk about renewing it. This does not give you legal right to sign contracts for her to be represented by an agent or to do any professional work.  What you can do, however, is to find her the best acting, dancing and singing training you can. And you can scour all available sources for auditions for her to attend. Be careful and make sure that they will accept a non-professional at such auditions.  But at here age, you should be concentrating on her training and doing amateur performances.  There is plenty of time for her to have a career when she comes of age. One of the most important jobs you can do for her is Networking.  This is getting her known in the acting and performing community is imperative for her success.  I am sure that this topic and many others that you need to know about are covered on my website, in my free ebook, and in my blog.  There aer links to the book and blog on the website, as well as a link to contact me directly. Read all of these sources. All of the blog especially. The web site is Ask me lots of questiona as you read. God bless, Doc

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