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QUESTION: Dear Kitty

1. Are there challenges to accept offers to act in foreign
films ?.

What i mean by a Foreign Film is a Movie which has a different Language spoken in the movie by Artists etc German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch etc other than English Language ?.

2. On a Personal Level, Will you accept these offers ?.

As a example a French Film Maker approaches you with the script and the role to be portrayed, will you accept these offer ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: There can be a few challenges to consider before accepting a role in a foreign film. If one is expected to speak their lines in a language that one is not fluent in, that could be one of them.  If the film production budget was a smaller one, getting all the work and filming permits could also pose a challenge.  Some of the larger budget films would be able to take care of all that, but also the chance is greater that the (lead) performers may need to remain in a foreign country for much longer.

For myself, I would not accept most such offers. In your example, you mention a French film.  I do not speak French, nor do I have an interest in living/working in France at this time. Of course there may be exceptions; perhaps my character only speaks in English.  Or my scenes filming would be much shorter, say a week or two. I have turned down work in a couple other countries simply because I prefer to work close to home, and don't usually get much free time to do the "tourist" things in other lands while I am working.

I hope that answers your questions.
Thank you,

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QUESTION: Dear Kitty

Thank you.

As a example i took of a French Film Maker approaches you with the script and the role to be portrayed, will you accept these offer ?.

Now in this case, if the film is french, and you do not know french language then will there be voice dubbing for you ?.

But then Synchronizing the lip movements with the voice dubbed for you in French would be difficult as the language is new to you. This could be a challenging as well as a difficult part to perform ?.

Above was just a example of French film, it could be any other film other than English Language but that language is not spoken by you i.e. Its a new language to learn.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

I would have to say no, that I would not be likely to accept an offer such as the one you mention in your example.  It would also not be likely that there would be voice dubbing for only the one actor, as it would be more efficient and cost-effective to simply hire an actor who could speak French, or give the actor French lessons/a dialogue coach.

For most roles, it would not be enough for an actor to simply memorize dialogue and repeat it.  There are nuances, inflections and double meanings that would be lost if the actor was not familiar with the language.  Even if someone else was dubbing in the voice, the body language of the actor - assuming they did not speak the language of the script - might well be off, and not able to match up in editing with the dialogue's meaning.

The best thing would be for the film to hire an actor who already speaks the (main) language of the script, or give them lessons in the language prior to the start of filming.  The exception would be of course if the role was small, or the actor speaks the main language of the script, but perhaps has a short bit of dialogue in the foreign language.  I would consider working in the film if the language was English or Dutch, or if there was only limited dialogue in another language.

Best regards,

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