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My 14 year old daughter just booked a lead role in a heavy anti-bullying film called "BULLY" about a 14 year old boy who gets tormented at school by his 8th grade peers because his no friends till one day he decides stand up for him. My daughter plays the lead role of the "Bully' who starts spreading lies that the boy doesn't have any friends because his gay, and all losers should be pierced so before school my daughter's character, and her friends hold him down, and using a needle put a small whole right above his outie belly button.

The whole movie is very emotional, eye-opening, and at times light on humor with my daughter's character. My daughter has never played a "Bully" before especially with something this emotional in size. The script has a number of close-up scenes where my daughter laughs at this boy after humiliating him.

How should my daughter get into the mind set of this character? Any advice?

Thanks Kitty!

That is one of the fun things about acting; one can express a point of view or take actions that are different from one's own.  Since your daughter already booked the lead, presumably after auditioning, she's already aced the character the director wants to see on camera.  But if you'd like, you could sit down with her and talk about bullying, from both points of view - the one doing it, and the victim.  If you have the whole script, you could discuss with her whether or not the character she plays is aware that they are a bully, and what it might feel like to be a bully (externally; powerful, able to control or manipulate a situation) and internally (fearful, afraid of becoming or already a victim themselves, angry) - that kind of thing.  Again, it does hinge on having the script to understand the nuances, but it help take her acting up another level.  Same thing when filming.  If there is a part of the character your daughter can't leave on set, talking about it together may be quite helpful to her at the end of the day.

Clearly the film that she is in has an anti-bullying message, and that is a great thing to get out to the public.  Understanding why people bully, as well as why people are bullied, is part of the solution to the problem.  

Good luck to you both,

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