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My 15 year old daughter has been acting for 10 years independent films, small TV roles, but she just finished filming a pilot for TV. We can't say the name yet, but the show is for Nickelodeon the pilot is about an off-beat family with three kids who live in the city of New York. My daughter plays the oldest sibling 14 year old Hannah who dreams of becoming a singer, and has two younger brothers 12, and 9. In the pilot dad has an old girl friend who comes to visit, and mom tries the whole episode to break them up.

Meanwhile my daughter's character Hannah get's annoyed at her 9 year old brother Adam after he used her hair dryer as a space gun, and broke it! So to get even she get's the idea to tell her little brother his been adopted, and dad's new girl friend plans to take him home after her visit, while recruiting some back-up from her 12 year brother Joey in helping tease, and torture him. While little brother Adam freaks out the rest of the episode.

The episode is hilarious, and now we're getting ready to move out to New York because the network give the pilot a green light for a first season run of 22 episodes. So how will this change my daughter's life? My family's life?

Thanks so much Kitty!

Moving to New York is in itself often a big change.  Since your daughter has already been acting for years she is familiar with the work.  That part won't change much.  You can continue to support her as I'm sure you've been doing, just in a geographically larger place with the potential to provide more opportunities for work.  If you focus on simply that you are only changing location, nothing else needs to take a radical change.  Adapting to new circumstances is part of life, and with your strength and guidance, your daughter should be able to make the transition as easily as she sees you being able to.  Think of it as another acting job, that is available temporarily.  There may be a bigger studio name and/or a larger paycheck, but the work is the same.  Show up on time, be prepared, deliver lines, create a show.  With you for support I'm sure you'll both do a terrific job that leads to an ever brighter future.

Good luck to you and your daughter, and congratulations.


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