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So this is an interesting thing I noticed in the industry lately. So many young girls getting cast in older sister roles where they tease, torment, and torture their younger siblings in most cases a younger brother for enjoyment. Some examples include Modern Family, The Goldbergs, and even a lot of questions you get asked here. What's the trend for this type of role? Are writers looking back at their childhoods? Did you ever torment your siblings growing up Kitty?

I suppose if you look back on Roseanne, Family Ties, the Cosby Show, the Partridge Family, the Brady Bunch or the Honeymooners and I Love Lucy, each typified what the media (and the viewing public) would recognize as a reflection of the times.  Most of those programs were based on or inspired by real life experiences of the writer(s)/show creators, dramatized of course to create the comedy and sometimes dealing with a serious issue that is typical of sitcoms.  Standards for what is okay to show on television has also become more relaxed over the years, as has the real-life behavior at home.  Times change, societies change, and television/film changes with it.  I suspect every decade or so will continue to change television as the times change.

I had one brother growing up, and met another brother as an adult.  I can't imagine even wanting to torment either of them, nor anyone else.  That's just my personality, and would probably make for a very boring TV show.  In sitcoms, it is often the conflict that creates the comedy.  While I'm sure there are often elements of sitcoms in the 'average' family's life, the majority don't share an exact replica of what we watch on screen.  Depends on who you ask as to whether it is worse or better in 'real life' - and that's not taking into account the cultural differences - American children compared to children from various other lands.  Personally, though - I have not had a contentious relationship with either of my siblings.

Thanks for your thought-provoking question,

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