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how are you ?

please I m newbie on modeling career , it is first step to act on advertisement then on other media also to appear my voice over talent and acting , so I decided to access model career to be a start up for me

here are my body specification

1- weight 74 kg
2- height  175 cm
3- chest  92 cm
4- waist 88 cm
5- hips 99 cm
6- eye = hazel
7- hair = long soft light brown
8- skin = white

I can send you pics for mine to evaluate if you want

with those mentioned specification of my body  , does they qualify me to access model industry
my problem is after doing a lot of research , I found that model career is large world , there are commercial , fashion , catalogue , ........................................ others

1- how can I evaluate myself be fit  on that career or not  ?
2- who can evaluate me ?
3- how can I know which category mentioned above is suit my facial and body features ?
4- all the casting agent I found online or locally recommend me to submit professional photographs as they need someone professional photographer shooting me lot of pics , they reject personal photos , whats your opinion and advise about that ? regarding that I do researches on local studios I found it is too expensive for instance indoor one session = 1500LE , other said one pic indoor = 100LE other is one pic = 30 LE , that last is the cheapest probably I ll choose that last for picking me 12 pics with different suits , please comment
5- how can I avoid scams regarding that there are lot of modeling and casting agent offered service online ?

thanks and best regards

Never put your measurements online! There are too many creepy people out there who get their jollies reading private facts like these.

You don't tell me how old you are, or which sex, nor where you live.:(

Even so, I can say that there is very little chance of your becoming a professional model. Model agencies near the big modelling cities do sometimes have open call days, where you can be seen and given criticism by agency staff. These are very difficult to get into, but often only ask for ordinary family pictures of you, by yourself. They would be looking for raw ability, natural style that's hard to define but immediately recognisable.
It's safe to say that agencies advertising on the Net are not seriously in the modelling business. Anyone can send in their material, no matter where they live, and as long as you are prepared to pay for photographs, cards, and casting opportunities, they will be quite happy to  take your money.
Keep looking for a small agency nearby. You probably won't get paying work from them, either, but you should be able to get a taste of the job from their classes. These small agencies sometimes groom young beginners and present them to real agencies as runway-ready talent, but they make most of their money from their classes and from the tie-ins they have with photographers. Some of those fat fees is going straight to the agency, which is why they insist on their photographer's 'professional' shots.

Normally, modelling is not a way to an acting career. Casting people think models have no brains, Which is silly, of course, but I think it is true that experienced models have learned a different set of habits while giving their model performances.

Your other questions show you are thoroughly right-headed, but I can't offer much help there:

1  Actors and models can never evaluate themselves
2  Evaluation comes from the fact that people hire you, but getting hired is such a matter of luck that even that can lie.
3  Experienced model agents can match you up against what they think will be the next look, and put you up for those parts. Fashion models are always tall and even nowadays very slim, Commercials are a little more realistic, and catalogue features the sort of models whose mothers were always being told their child should be a model.

About agents:
they lie if they say you'll be working immediately.
Or if they say you have to pay, or sign, or do anything else quickly --
it will always be possible for you to take anything away to look at it properly and be sure you understand what it is. Have someone else look over it with you.

If you are a minor, you MUST work with your parents. No legitimate agent or producer will touch you unless they have official documents saying you are over age (eighteen, generally)
Never agree to anything they won't give you the fullest details about

Nothing but gloomy news?
Well, I am encouraged by the amount of research you've done -- that will always be a useful skill.
What you can do right now is to follow useful people on line. Model agencies have blogs and twitter feeds, many famous models do the same thing, theatres and film companies too. Look for them in your neighbourhood. Start by trolling, until you get the feeling of the place, then pop in the odd comment or question. Nothing too much like an essay -- you are really just getting know as a raised hand and a sometimes interesting point from the back of the room. As you learn more, and get better-known, you can move on to more importsnt conversations.

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