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dear kitty

how are you ?

please I m newbie on modeling career , it is first step to act on advertisement then on other media also to appear my voice over talent and acting , so I decided to access model career to be a start up for me

here are my body specification

1- weight 74 kg
2- height  175 cm
3- chest  92 cm
4- waist 88 cm
5- hips 99 cm
6- eye = hazel
7- hair = long soft light brown
8- skin = white

I can send you pics for mine to evaluate if you want

with those mentioned specification of my body  , does they qualify me to access model industry
my problem is after doing a lot of research , I found that model career is large world , there are commercial , fashion , catalogue , ........................................ others

1- how can I evaluate myself be fit  on that career or not  ?
2- who can evaluate me ?
3- how can I know which category mentioned above is suit my facial and body features ?
4- all the casting agent I found online or locally recommend me to submit professional photographs as they need someone professional photographer shooting me lot of pics , they reject personal photos , whats your opinion and advise about that ? regarding that I do researches on local studios I found it is too expensive for instance indoor one session = 1500LE , other said one pic indoor = 100LE other is one pic = 30 LE , that last is the cheapest probably I ll choose that last for picking me 12 pics with different suits , please comment
5- how can I avoid scams regarding that there are lot of modeling and casting agent offered service online ?

thanks and best regards

The first thing I would suggest is that you find what reputable agencies are closest to you, and what type of models they represent.  If they represent fashion models, they will have agency criteria listed on their website, or if they do not have a website you can call them and ask.  If you fit their requested criteria for age, size and look, then you can submit your information to them for evaluation, or some agencies have open calls, which you can attend.  Some agencies will ask for a regular photo, some want to see a portfolio or modeling composite card.  That varies from place to place, and from agency to agency.  Ultimately, if you fit the criteria for what the agency is looking for, they are the ones that will evaluate whether or not you are marketable (by them, to their clients).

If you are street smart and take care to never get yourself into danger, you can set up time-for-prints with professional photographers.  Sometimes professionals need to test a new camera, or want to explore a theme or idea of their own (and not a clients).  They don't want to have to pay a professional model, so they offer to trade prints/digital photographs for your time.  This is not something I would recommend to someone who has little or no experience in the industry, but it is one way to get professional photographs for free.  You can also contact photography schools or photography classes in your area and volunteer your services as a model in exchange for prints or digital photos you can use.

Unfortunately, they only good way I know to avoid scams, is to be aware of them.  Do your research well.  If an agency hasn't been in business long, or only exists online, that might be something to avoid.  If an agency is asking you for money, that is quite often a red flag.  

Once you find an agency that you are interested in and fit the criteria for, ask them if you can see a sample of what they need from you (such as a similar model's portfolio or modeling composite card.)  Then you will know exactly what looks they want from you, and how many.  A character, parts or fitness model can work with only a single photo, and a fashion model can sometimes submit to an agency with only non-professional photos.  A commercial print model may need three, five or more on cardstock, while a fashion model may be asked for an entire portfolio.  It depends though on the type of model, the local market, and the particular agency.

Good luck to you,

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