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Hi Kitty,

My 17 year old daughter has worked in Hollywood in numerous televisions, and independent films but always gets cast in the role of the bully. Like last year she had a small role in the Michael J. Fox Show after her class finds out Michael's daughter runs weird she spends the episode hiding from my kid Veronica's character who in the end happily chases her down the hallway, and beats her up off screen.

The role was hilarious were grateful for the work and all her success, but how come my daughter always get type cast as the bully. She's a little taller than most girls, but still around average height with a smile, yes attitude that lights up the camera.

Can you please help figure out why 99% of the roles she cast in our bullies.

There could be several different explanations as to why your daughter is getting typecast.  If she is working through an agent or manager, it is possible that they aren't submitting her for many other types of roles.  However, if she is auditioning for as many bully as non-bully types of roles, and only booking the bully roles, it is also possible that a combination of body type and/or body language makes her better suited to play that type of role.

The most important thing is that your daughter leaves her work at work, and is her own perfect individual self outside of the studios and the roles that she plays on film and television.  If it bothers her that she can't play other roles, talk with her agent, manager or an acting coach to see if together you can come up with a plan to broaden her range of experience with other types of auditions and roles.

Good luck to you and your daughter,

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