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So i really wanted to be a actress last year(i wast 14/13) and then it faded away and i decended that i dont want to be famous and act. UBut until last night, i was watching pirates of the Caribbean and bam just like that i decided that i wanted to be a actress again! But i keep thinking about how  many actors failed and never made it! But what about Johnny depp? Never acted before and got the part! So you just need talent and good looks? I have both(sorry if i sound stuck up) could i make it if im smart anuff?

Hello Sarah, So teens do not suddenly become actors, and neither did Johnny Depp, who was a rock musician and fronted several garage bands. He got started in acting because his first wife introduced him to Nicholas Cage who recommended acting to Depp. Teens your age become actors because their parents make it happen for them. Usually by your age they have had years of training and have been in many plays. Making it in acting has to do with lots of things. Natural talent and look (not just good looks) are two of them. Being smart about it is another, but your spelling is very bad.  Most of the actors who do not make it are talented and beautiful and some are smart.  But in LA talent and beauty are not uncommon. To be an actor you have to have something uncommon about you that makes the film people want to use you in their films. To get started as an actress, you need to be in school and community plays and perhaps go to college and major in acting; but no matter what you do there is no guarantee of success. God bless, Doc

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