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I am over 55 and am consider going into modeling but would like some information on how to break into the modeling industry on the East coast. I have been researching modeling agencies, but can't seem to find up to day info on those agencies who have clients over 50.

If you're anywhere near Florida, you will have an easier time locating the right agencies for your age group - however if you look for commercial print agents anywhere, that should get you a list that include agencies who represent all ages.

The SAG/AFTRA website is undergoing maintenance today, but should be back up soon.  They provide a listing of franchised talent agencies (some of who also represent models) across the country:

Do a search for the area closest to you for agencies who say they are full-service, all ages.  Full service means they represent models (and sometimes other talent) in addition to actors.  You can use your favorite search engine to locate the website of the agencies you are interested in to confirm that they represent commercial print models.  Their website should also provide information on what they want to see from new faces (such as a modeling composite card, or online photos).

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I can answer questions from those looking to get into the fashion or commercial modeling industry. Specifically, the requirements, what is needed, how to find an agent, what they look for, how to avoid scams, the difference between what a commercial model does, and a fashion model, would travel/relocation be required, what is on a comp card and in your portfolio.


Both my acting and modeling resume/portfolio is available online on my website. I am a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and also have available my actor's demo reel and voice-over demo online. I founded both the and websites, which provide free modeling and acting info to the public. I have moved into directing, producing and screenwriting - and have won awards for my writing. I have worked in the industry as both a model and actress in Florida, New York City and Los Angeles until October 2007. I now reside in Europe.

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