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I have an creative artistic energies like

- voice over
- dance and performing
- acting
- modeling
- singer as choral performing
- creative writing ( screenplays-theater plays - stories)
- story teller
- collage arts design

1-but all that I just have energy-talent-amateur and I haven't any
professional experience or professional work

so how can I write proposal or letter for instance to entertainment or
related company mentioned fields to  access entertainment field as
newbie and catch an opportunity ?????????????

2- my questions is I want to find an international talent or creative
program to express my talent and catch what I'm good at and afford me
an opportunity to use all listed talents above or a competition can
share all what I listed above and win good prizes or large sum of
money or open a new career  opportunity specially on entertainment

please advise
thanks and best regards

Unfortunately my area of expertise does not cover Egypt - so my answer to your questions must be considered from an American point of view.  Some of your talents do not require any professional experience or training to begin work, such as modeling, for example.  Other skills, such as acting for example, would benefit from training, but can also be started with no experience.  You may need the tools of the trade before you begin - such as an actor's headshot or a voiceover tape - but most of the creative pursuits you mention will move forward faster with an agent representing you rather than trying to apply to an entertainment company directly.  At least that is the way it works in the U.S.  Actors and models are sent on auditions or go-sees by their agency, or they can attend an open-call on their own.  

For creative writing, one can also be represented by a literary agent, or submit work directly to the publication (such as a magazine, with a story), or to a production company who takes unsolicited work, as with a screenplay.  The Writer's Market, published annually, lists literary agents, book publishers, magazines, trade journals, newspapers, and has sections on screenwriting and playwriting (although I don't believe it covers worldwide).

Many of the competitions for actors, writers, singers, dancers and so forth are held in the larger markets (such as Los Angeles or New York) but can be open to international talent.  Lists of competitions and contests are on the Internet, and you can use your favorite search engine to locate the specific category you are interested in, as well as to find the rules and requirements, and the prizes/awards should you win.

Good luck to you,

Careers: Acting, Performing, Directing

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